An opportunity to obtain funding, work with the Centre and have strategic input to the Centre's research scope.  

Congratulations to the seven successful iCON projects:

  • Prof Ian Baxendale (University of Durham) Extracting and delivery procedures using phase transfer strategies
  • Dr Mark Haw (University of Strathclyde) OMNIFLOW: Optical and Magnetic Non-Invasive Flow and manipulation platform for controlling nucleation using local flow.
  • Dr Svetlana Ignatova (Brunel University) Counter-current liquid-liquid processes for continuous manufacture of APIs

  • Prof Alexei Lapkin (University of Cambridge) Telescoping continuous synthesis of APIs to work-up

  • Prof Steve Ley (University of Cambridge) In-line flow solvent evaporator

  • Prof Frans Muller (Leeds University) . Recirculating slurry hydrogenation with continuous product recovery
  • Prof Nigel Titchener-Hooker (University College London) An ultra scale-down investigation of the impact of continuous crystallisation performance and Recovery by depth filtration

The Centre launched a call in June 2013 for funding “iCON” projects and the launch of this scheme stimulated the Centre’s engagement with the wider UK research community under the Continuous Processing Work-Up Theme. Continuous work-up is an area outside the Centre’s core research but was identified as a key gap in enabling the uptake of continuous processing at the initial industry workshop held at Novartis, Basel to identify key problem statements. This allows the project outputs to expand the Centre’s knowledge and understanding of the pre-crystallisation supply chain.

On 25th October 2013 seven successful iCON project awards were announced, which included two small scale equipment projects and five longer term research projects ranging from six to twelve months duration. Industrial mentors have been identified to provide steering and stimulate interest in this area (one project has 5 industrialists!). In February and March 2014, project kick-off meeting took place for all seven projects as detailed below.



iCON Day: CMAC Innovations in Continuous Work-up Workshop

On Wednesday 18 March 2015, twenty five industrialists, academics and interested parties form CPI and the KTN attended a workshop to showcase the 6  iCON projects funded by the EPSRC National Centre. The iCON projects were conceived to stimulate research and interest in areas that are not currently active in the CMAC research programme but are key to driving the uptake of continuous processing.

The morning comprised 6 stimulating presentations from Frans Muller (University of Leeds), Alexei Lapkin Cambridge University), Svetlana Ignatova Brunel University), Paulo Filliponi (Ian Baxendale group, University of Durham), Andrea Rayat and Mike Hoare (UCL), Eric Sliwinski (Steve Ley group, Cambridge University). The afternoon was spent assessing the current landscape identifying key gaps, areas requiring continual improvement and other groups/companies who are active in this area. There was also time for networking and detailed 1:1 discussions.

Next steps: CMAC has collated the output and preparde a short reportwhich has been shared with attendees and available to any other interested parties and use this to drive and influence funders in this under-researched area. Contact for more information.