Second Annual Centre Open Day - 12th September 2013

Following on from the success of the previous year, the Centre's second Open Day took place in September at the Glasgow Science Centre with over 180 delegates in attendance from both industry and academia. The programme included keynote talks from invited academic speakers from ICES in Singapore (Prof Paul Sharratt) and University of Leeds (Dr Ali Hassanpour) and invited industrial keynote from AstraZeneca (Dr Amy Robertson). Alongside the keynotes there was presentations from a selection of Centre researchers and over 50 posters presented. Over 30 companies participated in the event with several running equipment exhibits during the day. Please use the links below to access the agenda, presentations and posters from the days event.

Open Day 2013 Agenda

Open Day Presentation

Keynote: ‘Converting Batch to Continuous for Profit as well as Fun’ Prof Paul Sharrat, ICES Singapore

‘Towards Multi-Component Crystallisation of Urea and Barbituric Acid within the Continuous Flow Environment’ Kate Wittering, EPSRC Centre, University of Bath

Control of Nucleation and Growth in a Continuous Oscillatory Baffled Crystalliser (COBC)’ Naomi Briggs, EPSRC Centre, University of Strathclyde

Integrated platforms for chemical synthesis and crystallisation’ Dr Victor Sans Sangorrin, EPSRC Centre, University of Glasgow

‘Non-Photochemical Laser-Induced Nucleation in Continuous Crystallisation’ Alasdair Mackenzie, EPSRC Centre, The University of Edinburgh

On the investigation of the nucleation mechanism in an oscillatory baffled crystalliser’ Craig Callahan, EPSRC Centre, Heriot-Watt University

Keynote: ‘From Pharmaceutical Substance to Product – An Industrial Perspective on Continuous Crystallisation’ Dr Amy Robertson, AstraZeneca

'Reconfiguring the Pharma End to End Supply Chain through Continuous Manufacturing' Dr Tomás Harrington, EPSRC Centre, University of Cambridge

Monitoring and Control of Polymorphism in Cocrystallisation’ Dr Ali Saleemi, EPSRC Centre, Loughborough University

Keynote: ‘Application of Discrete Element Modelling for the Development of Particulate Processes’ Dr Ali Hassanpour, University of Leeds

Modular test bench for continuous crystallisation’ Dr Anna Jawor-Baczynska, EPSRC Centre, University of Strathclyde

Open Day 2013 Poster Presentations