New Starts


Project Manager - Dr Stewart Mitchell

Stewart joined CMAC in August 2015 as project manager focused on Tier 2 companies, to understand develop and integrate their expertise within CMAC operations. He has a PhD in Sonochemistry from Abertay University with over 20yrs industrial experience within a number of different companies and different sites, cultures, and technologies.He has worked mainly in GMP drug substance development and manufacture both at pilot plant and full scale manufacture mainly within CMO organisations with operational, project and site leadership roles in the UK and the USA; Abbott Laboratories, ChiRex, Rhodia, Shasun, Piramal, and ThermoFisher Scientific (Microbiology Division). More recently he worked with the Industrial Biotechnology Innovation Centre (IBioIC) within the University of Strathclyde as the Business Development Manager during the initial start-up phase and subsequent development and growth of the new Innovation Centre.

Tel: +44 (0)141 444 7130 E-mail:


Management Accountant - Tim Faehnrich


Tim joined CMAC in April 2014 and has 30 years experience working in Financial Services and Accounting. Tim has worked in Higher Education sector in the UK for the last 15 years and is supporting CMAC in all financial matters, from costing and modelling of new initiatives to the day to day management of financial queries and transactions. Tim will be working for CMAC on Monday and Tuesday each week.


Tel: +44 (0)141 444 7130 E-mail:


Post-Doctoral Research Associate – Mr. René Steendam MSc

René studied organic chemistry at the Radboud University in Nijmegen (the Netherlands). His PhD research took place at the same university and his topic involved merging organic synthesis with solid-state deracemization of chiral molecules. He joined the group of Prof. ter Horst at CMAC in 2015 to develop a platform which allows the continuous synthesis and deracemization of chiral crystals. With this new approach, he also aims to find out more about the driving mechanism behind solid-state deracemization.

Tel: +44(0)141 548 7142, email:

Title of project: Unravelling synthesis of chiral crystals: A continuous approach


PDRA REMEDIES AppB – Dr Muhhamad Tariq Islam

Tariq has joined as Research Associate at CMAC in May 2015 to carry out REMEDIES (App B) project.  Before joining CMAC he completed his Ph.D. from University of Greenwich, UK. His doctoral research includes implementing process analytical technology (PAT) tools for the analysis and control of manufacturing process during hot-melt extrusion (HME). He also obtained an MSc in Pharmaceutical Analysis from Sheffield Hallam University and Bachelor of Pharmacy (Hons.) degree from University of Science & Technology Chittagong, Bangladesh. His research interests include, HME, PAT, continuous manufacturing, solid dispersion, co-crystalisation and quality by design (QbD).

Email:  Tel: +44 (0)141 444 7100


 PDRA CPOSS – Dr Vijay Srirambhatla

Vijay has a PhD in chemistry with past industrial and academic research experience. His research interests include crystal engineering, solid form screening techniques, physicochemical characterisation using various analytical techniques, understanding of intermolecular interactions to synthesize novel developable forms of drug candidates.



Research Associate – Keddon Powell

Keddon joined CMAC in 2012 as a PhD student in the Department of Chemical Engineering at Loughborough University, working under the supervision of Prof. Chris D. Rielly and Prof. Zoltan K. Nagy. He was recently appointed Research Associate in CMAC Strathclyde in the Prof. Alastair Florence Group. Keddon received a double BSc. degree in General Chemistry and Applied Chemistry (2007) from The University of the West Indies, Mona, Jamaica. In 2010 he obtained a MSc. in Applied Chemistry from the University of Limerick, Ireland. He has over 8-years combined industry and academic experience in chemistry across diverse roles including appointments at the International Centre for Environmental and Nuclear Sciences (ICENS), Jamaica; UCRUSAL Aughinish Alumina, Ireland; and WCA Environment Limited, UK. He will be working on a number of industry proprietary projects, primarily to develop and implement novel techniques in relation to continuous particle formulation and attribute control, and will also provide support and training for other researchers and assist in the coordination of research projects.E-mail:


Research Associate – Dr Nadeem Javid

Nadeem joined CMAC in 2015 to cover Humera’s Maternity leave, and has a Ph.D. degree in Chemistry from International Max Planck Research School in Chemical Biology at Technical University of Dortmund, Germany. He has more than 10 years’ experience of working in research areas of supramolecular chemistry, protein aggregation, biocatalysis,  nanocomposite materials and laser induced nucleation of fine chemicals. He has expertise in wide range of analytical characterization techniques for nano-materials using small angle x-ray, neutron, light scattering, microscopic and spectroscopic methods.



Research Associate - Joaquin Urbina

Joaquin Urbina is a Research Associate working on Tier 1 company proprietary projects. Joaquin will be working initially on a BayerHealthcare project and will be based at Strathclyde University but also spending some time at their sites in North-East Germany. He has PhD in Chemistry from Kansas Stae University and come to CMAc from a post doctorl postion at Purdue. Joaquin’s research interest lies within the solid-state chemistry of pharmaceuticals, including co-crystals, polymorphs, and amorphous materials.  He is also interested in crystallisation processes that lead to improved drug properties.  



International Collaboration Co-ordinator – Claire Ordoyno

Claire joined CMAC in July 2015 as International Collaboration Coordinator, and manages collaborative research and knowledge exchange across international centres, with a primary focus on I2APM activities. With a background in analytical chemistry and formulation science, Claire has fifteen years' experience working in a variety of different areas within the pharmaceutical and biotechnology industries, in both technical and project management roles. She has previously worked in both academia and industry, with roles at SIPBS and CPACT at the University at Strathclyde, Avecia, ProPharma, Evotec, Aptuit and most recently as Research Project Manager at Drug Delivery International.

Tel: +44 (0)141 444 7126, E-mail:


CMAC Administrative Assistant- Rebekah Russell

Rebekah joined CMAC this week. Rebekah has a Masters in Forensic and Analytical Chemistry from Strathclyde University. She has one year of industrial experience and is responsible for providing administrative support to the Centre and Industry Directors, assisting in the coordination of specific Centre activities and supporting Remedies research fellows.






Visiting PhD - Joost Van Den Ende

Joost van den Ende is a visiting PhD student from Radboud University Nijmegen, is on secondment for 3 months to CMAC at the University of Strathclyde under the joint supervision of Prof. Joop ter Horst and Dr. Miguel Jorge (Chemical and Process Engineering, University of Strathclyde) as part of the COST Action Crystallise travel scheme.  Joost’s project title is “The effect of solvent on birth-and-spread growth of organic crystals” and while he is at Strathclyde, he will study the attachment behaviour of solute molecules approaching a crystal face. The goal of this project is to gain insight at the molecular scale in energy barriers and attachment frequencies involved in the growth of a molecular crystal.  His main focus so far has been on the kinetic and thermodynamic aspects of solid-solid polymorphic transitions, which are particularly relevant in the pharmaceutical industry since they can influence bioavailability and patentability. Other topics that he has investigated are crystal structure prediction and assessing thermodynamic stability of molecular crystals. The techniques that Joost has used in these studies are Molecular Dynamics (MD) simulations, Nudged Elastic Band (NEB) calculations, steered MD and Density Functional Theory (DFT).



Visiting Researcher - Weiwei Li


Weiwei began his four month visit to CMAC on1st November 2015. He has a Masters degree in Biochemical Engineering and a Professional Doctorate of Engineering (PDeng) degree in Bioprocess Design, both from Delft University of Technology (TUD). Weiwei is currently a PhD student in the Intensified Reaction and Separation group in TUD, supervised by Prof. Joop H. ter Horst. His research topics are 1) Deracemization and 2) Electric Field Effect on Crystallization Behaviour. During his visit to CMAC, Weiwei is going to study whether it is possible to perform deracemization in a continuous mode and to investigate the agglomeration kernel in a racemic conglomerate slurry.
Tel: +44-(0)747-148-3374, Email: