ICT CMAC Project Overview

The ICT CMAC (Intelligent Decision Support and Control Technologies for Continuous Manufacturing and Crystallisation of Pharmaceuticals and Fine Chemicals) project is a five-year initiative funded by the EPSRC and a number of industrial co-creators, with the aim of creating a comprehensive Intelligent Decision Support and Control platform. To achieve this we will use state-of-the-art data acquisition, signal processing, analysis and control mechanisms, wrapped in a user-friendly Electronic Laboratory Notebook interface for the end user.

Currently there is no solution that combines real-time data from in-line and at-line sensors to extract quantitative information on particle shape, size and form during the crystallisation process. In moving from traditional batch processing to continuous manufacture of particulate products, the multi-signal analysis approach under development in the ICT CMAC project will allow critical product quality attributes to be monitored, analysed and therefore controlled in real time.


The project consists of six integrated Work Packages to enable specific expertise in each area to be utilised appropriately. The Work Packages are:


  1. Data Capture and Conditioning
  2. Sensor and Measurement Modelling
  3. Intelligent Support Platform
  4. Robust Plant-wide Control
  5. People and Processes

Publications from the project are given here