Future Manufacturing Research Hub Scope

The CMAC Future Manufacturing Research Hub Programme will deliver new predictive tools and design approaches for products, processes and supply chains to enable the potential of Quality-by-Design (QbD) and Industry 4.0 initiatives to be fully realised by our partners. Whilst these regulatory and industry-driven initiatives have set out ambitious visions, the enabling tools do not yet exist. The Hub Research Programme will deliver the tools and technologies for process industries to translate them into tangible benefit and enable a step-change in industry practice.

The CMAC Future Manufacturing Research Hub Programme will deliver a platform research capability benefitting collaborators and industry partners and will address the Grand Challenge ‘Rapid performance-based design and continuous manufacture of structured particulate products’. This will deliver a step-change in capability to bring functional high-value solid products rapidly to market.

The focus will be on pharmaceutical systems and knowledge gained from delivering the strict demands for safety and consistent performance will be readily transferred to other sectors. We will select small molecule systems with challenging physical properties in the solid state and/or performance limitations. These challenging targets will inform development of radically new approaches for advanced predictive design and integrated manufacturing.  

The Hub Platform element provides the essential operational framework, underpinning equipment capability and personnel to support the overall research programme delivering key enabling and scoping capabilities. Specifically: process technology  development, ICT tools for continuous manufacturing and developing the science base with regard to characterisation, classification and prediction capabilities.

Grand Challenge: Rapid performance based design and continuous manufacture of structured particle based products

Integrated Development Pathways

Rapid, predictive design of products and processes

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Future MicroFactories

Innovative flexible efficient production systems comprising integrated processing platforms

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Future Supply Chain

Future digital supply of personalised products and medicines

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