The EPSRC Centre for Innovative Manufacturing and Crystallisation (EPSRC CMAC CIM) ran from October 2011- December 2016

The EPSRC CMAC CIM, a multi-university, multi-disciplinary research collaboration that provided a foundation for other CMAC activities, was a great success and has provided a solid foundation for the CMAC Future Manufacturing Research Hub Programme.

The core CIM research projects focussed on delivery of Laboratory-scale continuous process capabilities to support end-to end manufacturing; tools and workflows for rapid product assessment and continuous process selection; and Product-process archetypes that support supply chains of the future and were reflected by the project scope.


Research Outputs from the EPSRC CMAC CIM include: 

Platform Technology Development

Laboratory-scale continuous process capabilities

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Developing Workflows for Continuous Crystallisation

Rapid product assessment and continuous process selection

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Supply Chain

Manufacturing operations and supply chain management challenges in continuous manufacturing

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