CMAC Strategy

Transforming Medicines Development & Manufacture

CMAC is an internationally leading manufacturing research centre that has a unique configuration of academic research, applied and pre-competitive programs.

Working in close partnership with our Tier 1, Tier 2, academic and innovation partners over the last 10 years we have established a vibrant portfolio of multi-disciplinary collaborative research, training and translation projects within a world class facility.

As we pass the 10th anniversary of the Centre it has provided us with an excellent opportunity to take stock of what has been achieved, reflect on developments across the national and international medicines ecosystem and, crucially, to review and update our scope and priorities. Working together we have refreshed our strategy to inform the next phase of the Centre’s development geared to deliver benefits to all our partners and to provide value to the wider society we serve and, ultimately, patients. 

The full document can be viewed here

Business Case Insights for Continuous Manufacturing

CMAC and PwC are delighted to share ‘The Business Case Insights for Continuous Manufacturing’. This joint document, with input from industrial partners, seeks to review key considerations for building a successful business case for the industrial adoption of innovative Continuous Manufacturing (CM) technologies.

The report is written from the perspective of the CMAC manufacturing research programme stakeholders. Hence, it targets factors directly relevant to continuous small molecule pharmaceutical manufacture and although addresses the many drivers and impacts across the entire value chain, brings a strong emphasis on factors relevant to continuous drug substance manufacture.

With the associated growth in new technologies and services comes the opportunity for different business models that exploit CM to deliver additional value and tackle major challenges facing the sector: how are we to manage spiralling prescription medicine costs in the NHS and other global healthcare systems; can the pharmaceutical supply chain deliver greater personalisation of medicines quickly and cost effectively; can the security of global medicines supply be assured to maintain access to essential medicines or respond to medical emergencies; how can the impact of medicines manufacture on the environment be minimised and made more sustainable? Those that can best harness the potential of innovative technologies such as CM will be best placed to meet these challenges.

Nine critical considerations have been highlighted for business case development. Through each of these lenses, a holistic case for continuous manufacturing can be progressed to help drive the uptake of this currently novel technology.

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This document was undertaken with engagement from CMAC Tier 1 partners AstraZeneca, Eli Lilly, Pfizer and Takeda as well as leveraging CMAC’s own extensive academic portfolio on end-to-end (E2E) processing. CMAC would like to thank all those who have contributed information and viewpoints on key technical aspects in combination with PwC’s wider business case perspective, to help inform and engage senior stakeholders and drive continuous manufacturing forward.